About Me

I am currently Machine Learning Engineer & Product Owner at DPG Media. I work on responsible news recommendation for major Dutch news titles such as de Volkskrant, het Parool, AD and nu.nl, reaching roughly 10 million users a day.


I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam and studied at the University of Toronto for one semester. I focused on NLP, deep learning, fundamental ML theory and statistics.

I wrote my master thesis under the supervision of Maartje ter Hoeve, Anne Schuth, Marlies van der Wees and Maarten de Rijke.

In the past I have collaborated with Dieuwke Hupkes and Elia Bruni on compositionality in neural networks.

Teaching & Supervision

  • 2021 - current - Guido Ansem, MSc AI VU. Fact preserving text generation. Co-supervised with Lucas de Haas and Peter Bloem.
  • 2020 – current - Claartje Barkhof, MSc AI UvA. Information Flow in VAEs. Co-supervised with Lucas de Haas, David Stap and Wilker Aziz.
  • 2019 – 2020 - Henning Bartsch, MSc AI UvA. Neural News Recommendation. Co-supervised with Lucas de Haas and Maartje ter Hoeve.


  • Research intern at DPG Media working on interpretability in transformers for abstractive summarization (master thesis).
  • Research intern at Infosys in Bangalore working on robotic navigation in controlled environments.
  • ML Researcher at YoungCapital working on finding relevant candidates given a vacancy and vice versa.

Find me on LinkedIn here.