Joris Baan

PhD Candidate Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Welcome! I am Joris and I am a PhD Candidate at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam. I’m very happy to be supervised by Prof. Raquel Fernández and Prof. Barbara Plank. My PhD is funded by ELLIS and I’m also affiliated with the NLPnorth group in Copenhagen. Previously, I worked at DPG Media as an ML engineer and team lead.

I am broadly interested in understanding when and why modern neural networks trained for language tasks work, and how we should interpret their predictions. Recently, I’ve been interested in uncertainty estimation and calibration as a tool to do that.


  • March 2022 - Guest lecture “Introduction to Transformers”, second year Data Science BSc students at the IT University of Copenhagen.
  • February 2022 - Started a three months research stay in the NLPnorth group at the IT University of Copenhagen.
  • November 2021 - Teaching assistant for NLP 1
  • October 2021 - Started my PhD in the Dialogue Modeling Group at the University of Amsterdam.


Occasionally I write blogposts. You can find them below.